Sample Spreadsheets

Applicants approved for a tax type that is due on a monthly or quarterly basis should submit spreadsheets in lieu of actual returns for periods filed under the amnesty program. These sample spreadsheet formats include all the information typically found on the return, and are provided as guidance only in order to assist in preparing your own spreadsheets. Some fields, such as the tax rate, should be changed to correspond with the appropriate tax type. State administered local sales and use tax rates may be found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Amnesty can only be granted to state administered localities. Please do not include non-state administered locality in your amnesty calculations.


microsoft-excel-icon-25 Withholding Sample Spreadsheet

microsoft-excel-icon-25 County Sample Sellers Use Spreadsheet

microsoft-excel-icon-25 State Sample Sellers Use Spreadsheet

microsoft-excel-icon-25 City Sample Sellers Use Spreadsheet